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Act 4: If anyone wants to tell me what's going on here, I'll be in the lounge

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You gave me something I understand. You gave me loving in the palm of my hand.
Poll #1395514 The Loaded Question

Jesus Christ, what next?!

O.J. escapes from prison, kills Susan Boyle at Disneyland
Starbucks found to made of cancer and AIDS; enlists nude Carrot Top as new spokesman
Hitler thawed out, steals nuclear weapon, starts army in Alabama
American Idol "Radiohead Night." Mentor: Fergie
God finally dies, falls out of sky, obliterates Amsterdam

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I don't know if my vote should count: your question is "what next?!", while I'm pretty sure that my choice has already happened.

They don't have a nuclear weapon. Not the warhead, anyway.

Seeing Carrot Top nude is something that would make me go to the woodshed with my gun....

Actually, I meant to shoot myself, but if the image of me spanking my gun gets you off, well...then envision it.

ROFL!!!! Thank you. I needed that. =)

Doesn't everybody?
"Bad gun! Bad! Guns shouldn't kill people! Bad!"

Is this about Dom Deluise dying?

You know, I wish horrible things only came in threes. To me, it seems like they come in twelves and twenty-eights.

*imagines Fergie attempting 'Karma Police'*

*resists urge to puncture eardrums*

I love when she does the backflip right in the middle of "Exit Music For A Film."

*attempts to roll it to you*

awwwwww! :D You can roll it to me anytime.

The first is too plausible.

I've heard that about two of these five. #4 may happen, in time.

Just NO.
Keep this up and I'll mail you the bloody pencil I used to stab myself in the eardrum.

The real lesson here: Don't joke about OJ with white people.

(btw, that's "found to BE made of." Dammit.)

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